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TEDGlobal 2012 Ivan Krastev by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012
Ivan Krastev
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TEDGlobal 2012 Ivan Krastev

democracy is the only game in town

some say its not a game at all

trust in pollitics is detroyed

89% of EU citizend believe a growing gap between citizen en politics

people can change goverments but not policies

we are free

more rights

more info

travelling free


From his home base in Bulgaria, Ivan Krastev thinks about European democracy‐‐and how to reframe it.

people in church of TED: are very optimistic

tranparancy & openess

election in a small country

it rained

rain stopped

lots of blank ballot vote

83% voted with blank ballot

they say we have nobody to vote for


Ivan Krastev

public intellectual

crisis in democracy

no mobile phone

what went right


human rights moment


market revolution


end of communism

end of world war


internet revolution

brain sciences revolution

how we make decions



destoyed ....


market revolutions, decline equality


revolution of 1989, berlin wall, people are liberated, voters are not interested in voting


internet revolution, impact on politics, New node

brainc scientist

manipulate emotions of people


are called on means that are used

its about media

what went right also went wrong

how to change

what to be with democracy

restore trust in politics

active citrizens

its the transparacy stupid

politics: management of mistrust

democracy is about people changing their views

goverment will be selectively transparant

there is a big shadow where is much light