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TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Maas by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Maas
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TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Maas


There’s little chance that Jonathan Maas is an unknown name for you. He recently published his book “Wereldverbeteraars” and is writing for Trouw and the VPRO-magazine. His view on how you can change the world by looking at it from a different perspective will be an eye opener for many of us.

radical openness

great, but aren't we terribly afraid?

Shouldn't we just share and be open?


Sebastiaan travelled around the world

They not only have great ideas

Having other people think with them


Jonathan Maas



'Real change'

is needed

real change

will come from individuals


What is needed? Radical openness

Andre Platteel

Works with

change towards a world where everyone can flourish

'Politics is dead'

key to change

we have to change ourselves

Crisis stories are not making us better

what should we do then?

'objective journalism is gone'

should we interview people with inspiring ideas more?

we find ourselves or other people very important

we are alle facilitators