TEDGlobal 2012 Wayne McGregor

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TEDGlobal 2012 Wayne McGregor by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Wayne McGregor

1. sense of my own body in the real world

1.1. know where end of fingers are when you reach out

1.2. only think about that when things are wrong

1.2.1. i.e. broken arm

2. 3 ways (dances) of physical thinking

2.1. not have anything pre-planned

2.2. it's about how they grasp information

2.2.1. and use it

2.3. Firstly the TED logo

2.3.1. direct transformation of energie from my body

2.3.2. I see a letter T in front of me

2.3.3. describe the T of 'TED' with physical movement

2.3.4. dancers behind are going to interpret my imaginations

2.3.5. 'Exploring the space of the T' (by dancing)

2.3.6. generating beginnings of a phrase

2.3.7. some dancers remember dancing by the energie involved

2.4. 2 duet 'architectual objects'

2.4.1. Performance of a dance together

2.5. 3 method test space method

2.5.1. 'mental dance' in minute

2.5.2. do it yourself in your mind

2.5.3. If you reach out (with arm) think where it would be

2.5.4. mental picture

2.5.5. 'World premiere of TED dance'

3. Closing

3.1. hope you make a dance for yourself

3.2. or else: misbehave more beautifully!

3.3. question:

3.3.1. Q: what would you want to choreo?

3.3.2. A: engage with something creative

3.4. has a special performance 'July 14th' soon

4. What

4.1. Wayne McGregor and his dancers explore the uncharted territory where mind and movement intersect.

5. passionate about creativity

5.1. amazed about your own cognitive habits

5.1.1. to misbehave beautifully

5.2. born in 70s - inspiration

5.2.1. Male Rolemodel John Travolta

5.2.2. Saturday Night Fever

5.2.3. Grease

5.3. was allowed to make my own dances by teachers

5.3.1. able to express my own voice

5.4. obsessed with technology of the body

5.4.1. and communicating trough it

5.4.2. 'Psychological thinking'

5.4.3. distributed cognitive way

5.5. now working

5.5.1. more with neuro scientists economists to work on creative processes

6. Who

6.1. Wayne McGregor

6.2. Dancer

6.3. Choreographer

6.4. randomdance.org

6.5. @Waynemcrgregor