TEDGlobal 2012 Elyn Saks

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TEDGlobal 2012 Elyn Saks by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Elyn Saks

1. to work and to love!

2. want to share my story to give insight

2.1. On a studying day in school

2.2. Had a bad experience

2.2.1. asked them to go the roof

2.3. Asked if they had it too

2.4. Couldn't calm down in dorm room

2.4.1. moaning in fear in isolation

2.5. was brought to the doctor

2.5.1. Roughly strapped to a metal 'bed'

2.5.2. result: involuntary stay in psychiatrical hospital

2.6. Been restrained a lot in the hospital

2.6.1. But i did not harm anyone

2.6.2. Many people die while being restrained

2.7. wanted to write about restrainment

2.7.1. people sometimes thing mental ill don't experience it as bad as we think we do

2.7.2. they are wrong!

3. Wanted to get off medication

3.1. started reduction of meds

3.1.1. Results initially not that good

3.2. Continued to refuse medication

3.3. Don't want to be put in hospitals again

3.4. Broke down

3.4.1. was advised to take meds again

4. I'm here for 3 reasons

4.1. 1 excellent therapy

4.2. 2 many close family members and friends

4.2.1. who know about my illness

4.3. 3 work in enourmously supportive workplace

4.4. But even with everything above

4.4.1. didn't

4.4.2. they are not schizo's, they have it

4.4.3. they may be your friend, family etc.

4.5. we need to know more about it

4.5.1. so we can care for it

4.6. stop criminalize it

4.6.1. prisons are filled with it

4.6.2. they never received proper treatment

4.6.3. portray them sympathetic

5. What

5.1. Elyn Saks asks bold questions about how society treats people with mental illness.

6. I'm an chronic schizophrenic

6.1. now clear of hospitals for 3 decades

6.2. graduated from law school

7. Got helped by steve

7.1. docter who treats severe mental ilnesses

7.2. Was diagnosed badly

7.2.1. would not function in society

7.3. But now graduated

8. schizoprehnia

8.1. psychotic

8.1.1. hallucinations

8.1.2. delusinations

8.2. NOT split personality

8.2.1. It's just shattered

8.3. presents itself in many forms

9. Who

9.1. Elyn Saks

9.2. http://weblaw.usc.edu/contact/contactinfo.cfm?detailid=300