TEDGlobal 2012 Ruby Wax

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TEDGlobal 2012 Ruby Wax by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Ruby Wax

1. What

1.1. Ruby Wax is a loud, funny woman‐‐who spent much of her comedy career battling depression in silence. Now her work blends mental health advocacy and laughs.

2. mentall ilness

2.1. 1 in 4 people suffers from it

2.2. i'm one of them..

2.2.1. Probably got it from my mother

2.3. how'd it start

2.3.1. breakdown during daughter support day

2.3.2. 'sausages'

2.3.3. Started to run around

2.4. Took to my bed for a month

2.4.1. got institutionalised..

2.4.2. Other patients became my friends

2.5. got told to 'perk up' by supporters outside the hospital

2.6. You're ashamed

2.6.1. you hear 1000s of abusive voices

2.6.2. but they are not there

2.6.3. If you have that on a loop you get depressed

3. The brain

3.1. let's talk about it

3.1.1. we've come a long way

3.2. 'has a lot of horsepower'

3.2.1. we can see

3.2.2. can hear

3.2.3. can memorize things

3.2.4. 100 billions of neurons to proces information

3.3. 1 neuron can connect to 1000-100000 neurons

3.4. bad news

3.4.1. we are not equipped for the 21st century

3.4.2. I'll show the glitches When we were ancient when we saw an animal we go to 'kill or be killed' now: can't kill the traffic warden.. So we get into the bad loop..

3.4.3. don't want to be the bearer of bad news but i unfortunately have to be your pets are happier than you

3.5. need to talk about this

3.5.1. we don't want to get seriously ill!

4. Who

4.1. Ruby Wax

4.2. Comedian

4.3. Mental Health Activist

4.4. http://blackdogtribe.com/

4.5. @Rubywax