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TEDGlobal 2012 Vicki Arroyo by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012
Vicki Arroyo
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TEDGlobal 2012 Vicki Arroyo


Vicki Arroyo uses environmental law and her background in biology and ecology to help prepare for global climate change

Elena Crescia ‏@ecrescia "we prefer to get a reassuring lie rather than an inconvenient truth" Vicki Arroyo #TEDGlobal

New Orleans


but vulnerable

during a huge flood

People lost their homes


We NEED to reduce emisions

Good news

Intially change is at a local level

for those in vulnerable places

conflicts over resources, darfur etc.

Russia plants flag on ocean floor

Climate disasters increasing


Climate extremes can kill

Of draught

Because of flooding


Vicki Arroyo

Environmental Policy influencer


Melting glaciers + rising sealevels

half of the world population lives near coasts

Climate change is affecting us



way of life

People are in denial

3 ways

adapting to violent storms

energy efficient homes

Change architechture

Energy saving an regenerating buildings

Technology and human influences

helps prevention

People refused to leave because they couldn't bring their pets

adapting to rising seas

Protecting huge structures may be too expensive to realise, but we can still do somethign!

reconsider and redesign infrastructure, Water intakes

A word of caution

there are no experts

We are entering uncharted territory

can't rely on established norms

larger point

it's up to us

call government leaders

How to protect our house etc etc.

there are no quick fixes

we learn by doing

keyword is doing

no action is not an option

we have to indicate emissions in order to facilitate action

learn from New Orleans

traditional jazz funeral in New Orleans

from the pain of loss

to the joy of life

Life affirming

we can all be open the radical changes