Creative Project

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Creative Project by Mind Map: Creative  Project

1. Content of the program

1.1. Learning tool- English, Grammar((Personal Pronouns)

1.2. Specific Learning - Personal Pronouns, person, singular and plural

2. Audience

2.1. Age- Primary learners, grades 1 and 2, between 6 and 7 years.

2.2. Suitable for Age level- Literacy improvement, Language elements, Grammar knowledge, recognizing gender. singular nouns and plural nouns

3. Tools and users engagement

3.1. Use Scratch to create the project- open Scratch web, create the account, log in Scratch, use the codes, research, guidelines, brainstorms and create the project

3.2. Elements for users- Code, Costumes, sounds, images, texts and gamification.

4. Models of learning

4.1. Bloom's Taxonomy- Consumers(Analyze, evaluate and create), Producers( High levels thinking)

4.2. SAMR- Consumers(Modification), Producers(Redefinition)

4.3. Encouragement learners for Scratch- Creating the project that expresses their ideas: interactive games, design animated, illustrations of processes.

5. Resources

5.1. A sprite, backdrops, tutorial, code and costumes.