walaa jamal

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walaa jamal by Mind Map: walaa jamal

1. currently

1.1. improve my gpa

1.1.1. studdying hard looking for someone special improve my life

1.2. new begining

1.2.1. build my dreams looking for a job horse ridding

1.3. taking care of puppy

1.3.1. planing to travel

2. future

2.1. finish all my studies

2.1.1. open the animal spa business get married

2.2. have kids

2.2.1. live happy open an express delivery company open a ladies spa in palm jumirah

2.3. open a ladies salon in sharjah

3. dreams

3.1. have my own villa

3.1.1. be the luckiest girl in the world enjoy every moment New node

3.2. be successful

3.2.1. visit my top 10 countries help people be closer from god