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How to Avoid Being Eaten 1 Peter 5:8 by Mind Map: How to Avoid Being Eaten  1 Peter 5:8
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How to Avoid Being Eaten 1 Peter 5:8

Don't Stop

patents strong brand names good reputation among customers cost advantages from proprietary know-how exclusive access to high grade natural resources favorable access to distribution networks  

Matthew 10:22

Have you ever noticed...some people will just not be stopped

Ted Engstrom "Pursuit of Excellence"

John Wesley's Diary

Don't give up. Don't stop!

Steve Brown related...British soldier in 1st WW

Don't Stray

lack of patent protection a weak brand name poor reputation among customers high cost structure lack of access to the best natural resources lack of access to key distribution channels

Ps. 119:67

When we stray...we can be overcome

When one animal ventures off on his own...devoured

Same happens to us...when we stray from safety of God's arms


James 4:8

David...stay close to God

Don't Stoop

an unfulfilled customer need arrival of new technologies loosening of regulations removal of international trade barriers

Romans 12:21

What Paul is telling us...

"Ben hit me back first"

volleyball match

Devil loves seeing...gossiping...angry...

1 Peter 4:11

Getting even



ways to avoide being eaten that don't involve kicking, punching, or kung fooing

Don't Strut

Proverbs 16:18

EGO - Edging God Out

The Parachutist - "fatality summary"

Dwight Moody - "Be humble, or you'll stumble"

Beaver/Rabbit - Hoover Dam

Don't ever think...your not/you don't