LUCKY No. 13!

altMBAPrompt13 Lucky No.13

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LUCKY No. 13! by Mind Map: LUCKY No. 13!


1.1. altMBA Peers and Alumni

1.1.1. keep me honest to my showing up and moving up (move up, move up)

1.1.2. give feedback on my work to make it better

1.1.3. work together to deliver stuff

1.1.4. source of my accountability partners / guides / mentors and coaches

1.2. Experience

1.2.1. Almost 25 Years experience in talent consulting, org culture, teaming, entrepreneurship, people, facilitation, org design, leadership

1.2.2. Working in and with start-ups and scale-ups and understanding their unique set of challenges

1.3. Support Base

1.3.1. Husband, family, friends to hold me accountable, call me out on living my values and support me

1.4. Skills

1.4.1. Listening, coaching, asking Ability to connect and make people feel seen and heard Ability in a gentle way to shake the world

1.4.2. Ability to spot blindspots My own Others

1.4.3. Writing skills

1.4.4. Speaking skills

1.4.5. AltMBA Tools

1.4.6. Selling skills


2.1. Activities

2.1.1. The Doing - Habits Intentional Writing In writing daily (emails, proposals etc) be mindful Write something weekly (LinkedIn post / post to clients etc) Continue to read ferociously (4 books per month) Deep Listenting adopt a posture of coach and listener with the other for the the other offer to coach / mentor / stand as an accountability partner to others ask others to be a coach to you Deep Thinking deliberate time to think deeply at least 3 slots per week of 3 hours Deep Feeling Empathy (write the opposite) Suspend judgement / question with care and curiosity Deep Connecting deliberate time to connect with like-minded but very diverse alumni at least once per week stay in contact with peers and accountability partners from alt MBA connect deeply through listening and a posture of coaching with everyone you interact with Wellbeing eating well exercising meditation connection with husband, family, friends, community - see friends once a week, deliberate connection time others get out into nature every day, hike very weekend

2.1.2. The Being Be with breath breath not force center and ground yourself stillness and control awareness of self and others Awareness - who am I being right now, how am I showing up, what story am I telling myself center in awareness notice triggers in your body as they come up be brave - show up - bring your thinking Adopting a posture of empathy, coaching, groundedness, care offer to coach / mentor others engaging with altMBA Alumni practice this posture with husband, family, friends, clients until it is your posture adopting a posture of trusting (in yourself and your ability)

2.2. Outcomes

2.2.1. What does success look like (Timeline) Success looks like a profitable, busy, growing cohort of practitioners doing the work of integration of being-ness (humanness) at a growing client base globally with kick-offs and then hand-overs for projects and engagements around the world. END 2022 Growing cohort of practitioners around the globe through introductions / alumni / referrals to deliver work in the human-work space by July 2022

2.2.2. What does success feel like It feels energizing, joyful, playful, adundent, busy, choice-full, grateful It feels grounded, trusting, calm, open



3.1.1. (Note: for me these are more than considerations - they are the North Star and Deep Roots. The are the guardrails and measure. They are what grounds and what energizes. May all my learnings, my successes, my decisions, my actions be viewed through this lens). VISION: Human-ness through Work Integration (The be-ingness of do-ingness FOR Humankind) People What is it for and Who is it for FOUR-SEE (4 C) (FORESIGHT) VALUES Previous: connection (to self, others and nature guided by awareness, gentleness and support) Previous: Contribution (guided by success and fulfilment) Previous: commitment (guided by growth and groundedness) Previous: care (guided by gratitude, empathy and giving).