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SURGE by Mind Map: SURGE

1. Leadership Skills:

1.1. Becoming my own boss; if I do reach my goal of opening an at home affordable daycare, I will think of ways to save money to invest in other things. Also becoming my own boss I can come up with ideas no daycare has done before.

1.2. Nurture ideas with S.U.N

1.3. If I were to work at a school, I want to take on leadership roles and run programs within the school. Identifying what the children at that school needs and figure out a way to make it happen.

2. Engagement: Discussions after challenges and breakout rooms give a chance for focused involvement.

2.1. The seven behaviours to unleash creativity

3. Expression: 1000 use challenge, to allow an exploration of materials as well as different forms of communication.

4. Belonging: Breakout rooms with peers which everyone had to speak and participate. Everyone's voice could be heard and no one was left out.

5. Professional Learning:

5.1. Image Insight

5.2. Magic Formula: When planning as a future educator I can use this when planning activities

5.3. Entrepreneurial Mindset will help me in the future as an ECE to think outside the box, learning from mistakes which could be possible activities that did not go as well as I'd hope. As well as risk-taking in the classroom is very beneficial to my future as an educator.

5.4. Nurture ideas with S.U.N will help me when a child is struggling to help them get to where they need to be if they are not developmentally there yet.

5.5. I would also use S.U.N when working with co-workers when planning activities.

6. Goals:

6.1. The Seven Behaviours to Unleash Creativity- provides behaviours to help improve creativity which will lead to improvement

6.2. A goal I have is to one day have my own classroom that is developmentally beneficial to children and is a supportive positive environment for all educators and children.

6.3. I have also considered having an at-home daycare that is possibly more affordable for all families especially single mothers. But it would still be just as beneficial as other daycares no matter funding.

6.4. Crafting an Elevator Pitch

7. Well-Being: Entrepreneurial mindset helps with learning from mistakes, risk-taking, optimism, grit and perseverance which supports self-regulation skills, sense of self and some self-care.