Talk as you walk, grow as you go

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Talk as you walk, grow as you go by Mind Map: Talk as you walk, grow as you go

1. Benefits of Walking

1.1. 1. Burn Calories, can help you maintain or lose weight.

1.2. 2. Reduced your risk for coronary heart disease.

1.3. 3. Help lower your blood sugar.

1.4. 4. Reduce your risk for developing a cold or the flu.

1.5. 5. Can help your mental health.

1.6. 6. Exten your life.

1.7. 7. May help clear your head and help you think creatively.

2. Noah walked with God

2.1. 1. Noah Walked with God.

2.1.1. a. He was a righteous

2.1.2. b. He was blameless in his generation.

2.1.3. 2. I can´t separete what is from God what is not from God. Eveything in my life must include God.

2.2. 3. A superfficially religious life partof what is from God is what is not from God.

2.3. 4. Os Sunday I am a Christian, I think, I do things, I dress, I speak as a Christian. But during the week, I think, talk, do the things like anyone else.

2.4. 5. Everything I do, I do in the presence of God.

2.5. 6. My relationship with God must be lived anywhere, with my family, at University, in my entertainmente, in the supermarket, while driving my my car. I must walk with God everywhere and in every situation.

3. Application

3.1. 1. How is your time with God?

3.2. 2. Everything you do, must be done in the presence of God.