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eCommerceMasterPlan 1.8: Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling by Mind Map: eCommerceMasterPlan 1.8:
Your 3 Steps to Successful Online
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eCommerceMasterPlan 1.8: Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling

Step 1: What sort of eCommerce Business Are You?

Chapter 1: Identifying your eCommerce Business Structure

Online Only

Mail Order

Big Bricks and Clicks

Boutique Bricks and Clicks


Niche PiggyBack

Full Multichannel

Chapter 2: Identifying the Scale of Your Product Range


In the Middle

Department Store

Chapter 3: Differentiating Your Business

Customer Service

Knowledge and Information

Customer Base Size




Delivery and Returns

Step 2: Establishing the Core Foundations

Chapter 4: Building the Right Website

Do you need a website?

Right first time

Your Own Website, How to run a Build Project, key functionality, Tracking, CMS, Integration, Promotions, SEO

PiggyBackers Websites, What to consider, How to choose, How to run them

All Websites, 3 Roles, Attract, Convert, USP / Brand, Barriers to Conversion, Merchandising, Fulfilment, Design

Chapter 5: Building your Business for Profit and Growth

The numbers, Margin, Scale, Forecasting, Cashflow, P&P, ROI, Customer Lifetime Values

Measure, Monitoring - Dashboar, Analytics, Website analytics, Each tool's analytics, Attribution Debate


Chapter 6: Selecting your Products and Promotions

Products, Range, Optimise, Complex Mix, Buying vs Merchandising, Timelines, Influences on Products, marketing, money, website, Forecast and cashflow, Information

Promotions, Make it easy, Margin = easy for you, Simple = easy for customer, Blanket Offers, Postage and Returns, Codes, Multibuys, Free Gifts, Segmentation, By channel, By customer group, Not necessarily financial, Prizes, Charity, Time bound, Last available, Preview, New

Step 3: I Have Build it: Why Haven't They Come? (aka Marketing!)

Chapter 7: Researching your Marketing Plan


Chapter 8: Creating your Marketing Plan

Chapter 9: Test, Measure and Optimise your Marketing

See eCommerce Marketing for full details of what marketing you should be using

Support Materials


Workbooks & Buides

9 Part Video Ciourse: Create Your eCommerce MasterPlan Online Training Course