Heart of Darkness.

A Level Sociology - Demographic trends in the UK: Changing family sizes.

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Heart of Darkness. by Mind Map: Heart of Darkness.

1. Of

1.1. Preposition. The heart belongs to/is an intrinsic part of darkness.

1.2. The heart is made up of darkness.

2. Darkness

2.1. Concealed, underneath, underside, evil, malevolence.

2.2. Dates back to when a lot of Africa was unexplored so the middle of Africa could be the reference.

2.3. Could be referring to the 'darkness' in humans hearts as it's in our primitive nature to be evil or malevolent, like colonisation shows over and over again.

3. Heart

3.1. Heart of the story/heart of oppression instead of covering it up. Being at the core.

3.2. Centre of the body, keeps you alive and breathing. Vital organ in the sustainment of life = Reliance on the oppressed to keep everything running (slave trade, ivory, rubber etc).

4. Juxtaposition of words. Both literal and metaphorical. Sentimental attachment.