Easy explanation of what MEDIA is.

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MEDIA by Mind Map: MEDIA

1. Broadcast media

1.1. Radio

1.1.1. Broadcasts 24/7

1.1.2. No screen

1.2. Television

1.2.1. Entertainment

1.2.2. Education

1.2.3. Czech Republic Public service station ČT1 ČT2 ČT24 Commercial stations Nova Prima

1.2.4. Britain General interest BBC1 Documentaries, traveling BBC2 Commercial stations ITV Channel 4 Channel 5

2. Digital media

2.1. Internet

2.1.1. Number one

2.1.2. Activities Send and recieve e-mails Join discussions Browse the web Read newspapers Buy from online shops Chat Download

2.1.3. Website www - World Wide Web

2.2. Mobile phones

3. Printed media

3.1. Books

3.2. Daily press

3.2.1. Advertisement

3.2.2. Information

3.2.3. Front page

3.2.4. Types Broadsheets Large Serious Black and white e. g. The Times/MF DNES Tabloids Small Colorful Shorter texts e. g. The Sun/Blesk

3.2.5. Daily

3.3. Magazines

3.3.1. Entertainment

3.3.2. Information

3.3.3. Offer goods Clothes Technical devices Cosmetics Cleaning supplies

3.3.4. Not daily Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Quarterly

3.3.5. Types Journals Specialized issues Particular field Hobby magazines Cars Gardening Fishing Sport Crossword puzzles House