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Planning Models by Mind Map: Planning Models

1. Models according to the knowledge base.

2. Modern Olympic Games interest in improving sports results.

3. Investigate more efficient training scheduling strategies.

4. Empirical Period of Training.

5. 3-period model.

6. General 6 to 8 weeks

7. 8 week special.

8. Competitive 4 weeks.

9. Emphasis on Multi Sportsmanship training

10. Scientific Period of Training.

11. New theories that articulated new findings in the exercise.

12. Periods and Stages from the competition calendar.

13. Traditional planning.

14. Traditional programming the preparatory, competitive and transition periods are differentiated in terms of content and orientation of the training.

15. Aspects to highlight the general and specific preparation is continuous.

16. Modern Programming Models.

17. They prioritize important aspects Individualization, Concentration of loads and specificity.

18. The division of the year into blocks is proposed.

19. Objectives of each block

20. Accumulation, Transformation and Realization.

21. Scheme of motors applied to variable situations.

22. Orientation of loads is subject to the conditional, cordinative and cognitive structure.

23. Emphasizes communication and social-effective behavior, sportsman-coach work.