The Hotel Alpina

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The Hotel Alpina by Mind Map: The Hotel Alpina

1. Cooperation with local skiing, hiking and mountain biking club, special discount for club member, event sponsor,

2. Internal Process

2.1. More food storage

2.2. Reduce turnover rate

2.3. Improve service

3. Financial

3.1. Occupancy rate

3.1.1. Revenue

3.2. Reduce labor cost

3.2.1. Increase employee's skill and knowledge, help people who is willing to learn about maintenance to study, promotion on the multi functional staff

3.3. short the operating cost

3.3.1. maybe close the small&basic SPA, too expensive to have Spa therapists based. low income but high cost,

4. Customers

4.1. Set up Loyalty Programme

4.2. Reputation/Brand

4.3. Customer satisfaction

5. Learning & Growth

5.1. Increase employee satisfaction

5.2. Improve employees engagement