Paraeducators Professional Development

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Paraeducators Professional Development by Mind Map: Paraeducators Professional Development

1. Mature Skill Patterns

1.1. Locomotor

1.1.1. Skip

1.1.2. Hop

1.1.3. V. Jump

1.1.4. H Jump

1.1.5. Run

1.1.6. Gallop

1.2. Manipulative

1.2.1. Uthrow

1.2.2. Othrow

1.2.3. Strike

1.2.4. Catch

1.2.5. Kick

1.2.6. URoll

1.3. Fitness

1.3.1. Upper

1.3.2. Lower

1.3.3. Cardio

2. Basics to PE Modifications

2.1. Space

2.1.1. Closer distance to the target

2.1.2. Practice zone games

2.2. Equipment

2.2.1. Smaller or larger equipment to make the task easier

2.3. Rules

2.3.1. can travel with the ball in basketball

2.3.2. Can shoot at a lower basketball hoop for the same points

3. Activities (Rules & Regulations)

3.1. Early Childhood

3.1.1. Tunnels

3.1.2. throwing

3.1.3. Catching

3.2. Elementary

3.2.1. Scooter Games

3.2.2. Cooperative Games

3.2.3. Throwing Games

3.2.4. Kicking Games

3.3. Middle School

3.3.1. Team Games

3.4. High School

3.4.1. Lifetime Leisure Pursuits

4. 1.Interview Paras 2. Survey Larger Sample 3. Create Trainings

5. Behavior Management Strategies in PE

5.1. Visuals

5.1.1. Pictures of Skills/ activities/ exercise

5.1.2. Placement Visuals Using polyspots or other visuals where students know where to stand, place hands or feet.

5.2. Schedules

5.2.1. Now/ Then Charts

5.2.2. Token Rewards

5.2.3. Visual schedule of what activities will be done during PE

5.3. Embedded feedback

5.3.1. Direct feedback within activities to help the student identify if they are performing the skill or particular focal point Touch wall before throwing overhand ( focal point: Throwing hand passes above shoulder, with body rotation forward. Throw through a hula hoop low to the ground to practice underhandthrow

5.4. Options and Variety

5.4.1. Provide options for students to have some choice in the activities they are completing ( different throwing objects- bean bags/ frisbee/ soft ball).

6. Activities based on GPE teacher input at specific school ( depending what curriculum is used)