What is 'evil'?

Mehraty Michael

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What is 'evil'? by Mind Map: What is 'evil'?

1. What does it mean to be evil?

1.1. No sympathy..

1.2. Taking pleasure of harming an individual or group because of their wrong actions.

1.3. Having pride or worshipping on non-temporary things that aren't eternal.

1.4. Revenge.

2. What are evil deeds?

2.1. Stealing.

2.2. Persecution.

2.3. Sexual abuse.

2.4. Violence; punch on, beat up somebody.

3. Is evil genetic?

3.1. Genetically, no. However, a group or individual may develop the nature of evil by being exposed in the wrong environment or either currently experiencing or have experienced a circumstance.

4. Is evil learned?

4.1. Through other people.

4.2. At any age.

4.3. Their their own self