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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. Four Meanings of Technology

1.1. Technology as a Technics

1.1.1. General Objects or Tools Hammer Bicycle Cellphone

1.2. Technology as Technology

1.2.1. Innate Materials Complex of knowledge Skills Methods

1.3. Technology as a Form of Human Cultural Activity

1.3.1. Human Practice Craftsmen Inventors Engineers

1.4. Technology as a Total Social Enterprise

1.4.1. Invention and Development facilities research operation

2. Output of Technological Activities

2.1. Technics

2.1.1. General Objects or Tools Stove Chair Computer

2.2. Technics Related Intellectual Constructs

2.2.1. Mental Constructs Programming Systems Blueprint

3. Root Functions of Technology

3.1. Provide humans an extension of capabilities

3.1.1. Exploration Missions

3.1.2. Surveys

3.1.3. In field Observations

3.2. Decrease human vulnerability

3.2.1. Medicine

3.2.2. Health

3.3. Expands the realm of practical human possibility

3.3.1. Scholars

3.3.2. Mastery of Schools

4. Characteristic Phases of Technology

4.1. Identification Phase

4.1.1. Asking the urban needs and wants

4.1.2. Satisfying ones needs

4.2. Design Phase

4.2.1. Blueprints and Initial Designs

4.2.2. Drafts

4.3. Production Phase

4.3.1. Factories

4.3.2. Labor

4.4. Use Phase

4.4.1. Own or General Consumption

4.4.2. For commercial purposes

5. Social and Cultural Roles of Technology

5.1. Sustaining the Private and Public Sectors

5.1.1. Providing both workforce and knowledges

5.2. Source of Personal Identity

5.2.1. shapes the people by the use of knowledge and career paths

5.3. Social Integration and Stratification

5.3.1. Improves the society by providing it the demands of the people

6. Technology and Modern Technology

6.1. Technology

6.1.1. Precursor Tools Steam Engines Mails Newspaper

6.2. Modern Technology

6.2.1. Advanced Tools Diesel / Gasoline / Electric Engines Emails TV Broadcasts and Radio Stations