Radio Iodine Clinical Therapy process

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Radio Iodine Clinical Therapy process by Mind Map: Radio Iodine Clinical Therapy process

1. 2. Ordering

1.1. 1. senior technical supervisor will order the capsules of doses

2. 3. Receiving and storage

2.1. 1. Once the capsules are recieved, they kept in PET hot lab

3. 1. Appointment

3.1. 1. Receive the requests for high dose treatment

3.2. 2. Assess the requests in nuclear medicine department and discuss the treatment

4. 4. Deliver the medicine to the patient

4.1. Do some measurements to check the dose rate of the capsules

4.2. help the patient to swallow the medicine

5. 6. Discharge the patient

5.1. Give the patient important instructions of how to deal with others

6. 5. Keep the patient in the isolation room for 3-5 days

6.1. Ask the patient to drink much water in the isolation period