Rates Management

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Rates Management by Mind Map: Rates Management

1. Read

1.1. Detail

1.1.1. Available Cannot edit or delete

1.1.2. Price on each day Cannot edit or delete Pick

1.2. List

1.2.1. Search rate plan

1.2.2. Column data

1.2.3. Pagination

1.2.4. Filter

1.3. History

1.3.1. Push history

1.3.2. Edit history

2. Create

2.1. Message

2.1.1. Success

2.1.2. Validation Blank required field Wrong format Max value less than normal value

2.2. Field

2.2.1. Optional field Days in the week Stay Children Extra person price

2.2.2. Required field Rate type Room type Price Currency Rate plan name

2.3. Button

2.3.1. Create New rate plan created

2.3.2. Cancel/ X New rate plan is not created

3. Update

3.1. Rate plan

3.1.1. Save Required field (RATE TYPES, PRICE, ADULT, CURRENCY) Change Delete Optional field (CHILDREN, STAY, EXTRA PERSON PRICE Wrong logic Wrong format No highlighted when being picked Disabled field (RATE PLAN NAME, ROOM TYPES)

3.1.2. Cancel Updating data is not applied Data is updated

3.1.3. Archive Rate plan become inactive Rate plan remain active

3.2. Rate plan restrictions

3.2.1. A period of time Edit season

3.2.2. Selected date Edit selected Items Field Button Checkbox

4. Delete

4.1. Unabled to delete