Electronic Product

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Electronic Product by Mind Map: Electronic Product

1. Cases

1.1. will it be heavy or durable

1.1.1. Are they cheap materials

1.2. Materials

1.2.1. What matrial can i uses Acylic MDF Platics

1.3. Will it be vanished

1.4. How will it be made

1.4.1. What tools and equipment will i need

1.4.2. How much time will it take to devolup it

1.5. Aestics

2. Manufacture

2.1. What equipment will it uses

2.1.1. Will this equipment cost alot to uses on a large scale New node

2.1.2. What equipment can i uses Vacum former Laser cutter CAD

2.2. How will this be made on large scale

3. Electonics

3.1. What Input will it uses

3.1.1. What are the power supply it will uses AC/DC

3.2. What are the output

3.2.1. What are the process it will do

3.3. What circuit will i uses

3.3.1. How large will the circuit board be

3.4. How will consuistency and quality be assured

3.4.1. Quality contril

3.4.2. Sequence task and check quality as you go by

3.5. How will the circuit be develop

3.5.1. Breadboard

3.5.2. Prototyping

4. Consmer

4.1. How will the product cater for them

4.1.1. Be hard ,easy to use

4.2. who is the consumer

4.2.1. What are ther age Age 8-12

4.2.2. Are they an adult or a child For a Child but parent/carrer wi;ll by it