Owner of a Petrol Filling Station

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Owner of a Petrol Filling Station by Mind Map: Owner of a Petrol Filling Station

1. Divided in two parallel shopping aisle

1.1. Sells food, cleaning supplies, other household goods

1.2. At the back of the store, two large fridges for chilled goods

1.2.1. In between fridges, fire resisting door leading to a small stock room Door doesn't close fully against the door frame Large gaps between the bottom of door and floor Door often wedged open by workers brining in stock Fitted with cracked glass vision panel Door has been poainted over many times and is now cracked and peeling

1.2.2. Stock Room Small and very congested Boxes and pallets full of stock Empty packaging ready for waste collection At the back of the room, emergency exit door Not always accessible due to congestion

1.3. Customers pay at the front of the store close to the entrance

2. Located in a small village

2.1. Outskirts of a popular coastal town

3. Store assistant

3.1. Works in a secure area for security reasons

3.1.1. Can only be entered via a door fitted with a security keypad

4. Emergency exits

4.1. One at back of stock room

4.2. Main entrance / exit door

4.3. Within the secure area

5. No emergency lighting fitted

6. Automatic fire detection and alarm alarm system fitted in shop area

6.1. Will activate sprinklers and alerts FRS

6.2. You think there is a maintenance and testing contract with a local company

7. Water & CO2 extinguishers in shop

8. Fire alarm call point inside cashier area

9. No fire info notices or signage

10. Outside the shop

10.1. Newspaper stand

10.2. Large plastic drums holding BBQs, coal and wooden logs

10.3. Items moved inside shop outside of normal business hours

11. Four self service petrol pumps on forecourt

11.1. Room for 4 vehicles to refuel at same time

11.2. Emergency fuel shut off located on outside of shop building

11.3. Warning signs: Danger of petrol, no smoking, no mobile phones, switch off engines

11.4. Sand and dry powder extinguishers next to pumps

12. Neighbours are a caravanning and camping supplies shop

12.1. 5 foot boundary wall separating

12.2. Offer a gas cylinder exchange service

12.2.1. Propane and butane cylinders of various sizes Stored in two steel cages a short distance from our shop Left unlocked One for full and one for empties Area around is overgrown and littered with rubbish No signage on cages Neighbouring staff regularly take cigarette breaks here

12.2.2. Won a new contract with a local holiday park Holiday park drops off empties and collects full once a week Cages now almost always full and empties stacked on top of each other outside the cages

12.3. Basic CCTV covers both businesses

12.3.1. Areas cameras cannot see

12.3.2. Security system maintained once a year and costs shared by us and them

13. New staff recruited!

13.1. 3 workers

13.1.1. As each starts, Manager takes them on a tour of the business Main job responsibilities Actions to take in an emergency Where extinguishers are located

13.2. Manager

13.2.1. Oversees day to day running of business for you

13.2.2. Had no training in use of extinguishers yet

13.2.3. Assures new workers they will be provided with relevant info once manager has reviewed H&S handbook

13.3. You want two people working at one time during the working day

13.3.1. One worker behind cashier desk in secure area

13.3.2. Other restocking shelves, taking deliveries and helping customers

14. D

15. During evening shift:

15.1. Large group of young people gathered at side of shop building

15.1.1. Drinking and smoking

15.1.2. CCTV doesn't cover area

15.1.3. Manager speaks to the group and asks them to move Group abusive and threaten to come back and do damage Manager makes you aware You call police Tell manager to ensure shop locked up at end of the shift


15.2.1. Alarm monitoring company calls FRS as alarm activates

15.2.2. You meet FRS there

15.2.3. FRS have swept outside and ask you to unlock building so they can investigate

15.2.4. Conclude it is a false alarm