Art Work for Bands

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Art Work for Bands by Mind Map: Art Work for Bands

1. Logos

2. Album/EP Art

3. My Band Art/ Reaching out to other Musicians

4. Merch/Brands

5. What this entails is that either I will reach out to other Musicians or they will reach out to me if they would like a peace of Art done for a project they are doing that being any of the above... I will ask them if they have their own idea for it, maybe they want me to come up with it from scratch and I'll also ask whether there's a specific theme, maybe they have some pictures that they like and would be useful to me to take inspiration from.. then I will present to them the idea of a mood board where I will do a few different sketches and see which they like the most and if they have any suggestions I will take them all on board before I create the final piece.

6. It's the same initial idea with my own Band except the fact that I will have more of a say by default but ultimately the end result of all our projects either Musically or Artistically will be an equal band decision. We will all have an input within both the creative and marketing side of things.

7. 1. Basically the same idea for Logos.

8. 2. So to build a brand coming up with a memorable Logo would be step one.

9. 3. Apply Branding logos to Merch, Social Media Profiles and even your own website if you have one or plan on building one.

10. 1. Something that speaks the bands name before you even read it, so it needs to be something people will remember.

11. 2. Maybe the band wants the logo to relate to the name of the band so always keep options open before completing the final design.

12. 1. As always asking the band if they have their own ideas on the album/ep cover is important.

13. 2. Remember to add correlating themes and incorporate a possible message either you or the band wants to get across.