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BIC players by Mind Map: BIC players

1. KSF

1.1. Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart

1.1.1. Cross-border commerce

1.2. Alibaba

1.2.1. $248 billion in transaction

1.2.2. Largest e-commerce company,

1.2.3. 80% of all e-commerce in China & lower duties in China

1.3. Zara

1.3.1. 1000 design a month

1.3.2. Short lead time

1.3.3. Competitive advantage = Supply chain

1.3.4. Imitate latest trends within 2 weeks

1.3.5. Fast fashion creates urgency for customers

1.3.6. Order fulfilment and customer satisfaction

1.4. Walmart

1.4.1. Cut costs to be more profitable : no health insurance, no good working condition, no subvention to improve abroad factories sales associate = $8.81/hour * 34 hours * 52 weeks = $15,576

1.5. Amazon

1.5.1. Large diversity of products

1.5.2. IT system

1.5.3. Short lead time

1.5.4. Customer oriented

1.5.5. Higher wages

2. Best Practices

2.1. Alibaba

2.1.1. Good selection of manufacturers/suppliers

2.1.2. Understand the value of a broad selection for their customers, the authenticity and the affordability

2.1.3. Full support, payment simplified, logistics evolving AliPay service,cine al for logistics efficiency, epass shop runner and borderFree for interfacing the logistics in the united states.

2.2. Zara

2.2.1. No ship

2.2.2. Market-based pricing

2.2.3. Don't sell on internet

2.2.4. Less marketing, more new stores

2.3. Walmart

2.3.1. Omni-channel Click and collect , localized stores formats, they are doing super centers for you stock up, neighborhood markets for everyday needs.

2.4. Amazon

2.4.1. Efficient warehouse design

2.4.2. Include small sellers

2.4.3. Customer centricity : Focus on earning and keeping trust with customer They improve 4components of what customers want : Price(cheaper) , experience(delight customer with no friction) convenience(faster), selection(more) Selection, awesome, everything from A to Z Experience: they did lot of survey. Today people love the experience of shopping with amazon Convenience: same day delivery in 50top cities of the nation, Next day delivery in next 50 cities and for 2 days delivery for the other. Price: they have best price thanks to their algorithm, they are 3PL so they have sufficient volume and can reduce transprot price

2.4.4. Simple business model More. than 100,000 supplier (30,000 factories in Chine -> 70% of the production)

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Zara

3.1.1. Low marketing

3.1.2. Low internet presence

3.2. Walmart

3.2.1. Part time employees

3.2.2. Workers with government assistance

3.2.3. Factories abroad

3.2.4. 3th Parties logistics Supplier

3.2.5. Hard working condition in warehouse

3.3. Amazon

3.3.1. Employees pushed to their limits They are too much focus on customer and that have a bad impact on employees and suppliers

3.3.2. Rely on an important workforce

3.3.3. Product reliability

3.3.4. Rely on customer private data

4. Threats

4.1. Zara

4.1.1. Demand uncertainty

4.1.2. Maintain short lead time to avoid shortage

4.1.3. Risk of stockout

4.2. Amazon

4.2.1. Competitors with lower prices

4.2.2. Strikes

4.2.3. Politics

4.3. Walmart

4.3.1. Online retail

4.3.2. Uni global union (association for good practices in work environment)