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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. MVP

1.1. Information Campaign

1.1.1. Webinar w/ local Small Business Development Center (50 - 100 participants

1.1.2. Followup Survey After the Webinar to determine # small businesses that implemented suggestions

1.1.3. Conduct Case Study Review to determine in more detail what is happening in small businesses w small percentage of SB

1.2. DOD NIST certification of Small Businesses in Defense Industrial Base

1.2.1. Consult with SB Office DOD for Details in Program

1.3. Advanced Visualization - Develop Heat Map of National Critical Infrastructure that is being attacked by malicious cybersecurity tools

1.4. Website that Serves SB in Cybersecurity

1.4.1. MITRE Template - tools for small businesses in healthcare industry

1.4.2. Website brief input of SB cyber security posture - website then provides concrete next steps to take to solidify their cybersecurity posture

1.4.3. Provides free tools +Services that can serve the SB

1.4.4. Provides list of certified security service provides that can meet their needs as pre-negotiated rates