Fame and Infamy

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Fame and Infamy by Mind Map: Fame and Infamy

1. fame

1.1. famous

2. fascination

2.1. to be fascinated with sth/ by stb

2.1.1. the public is fascinated with crime

2.1.2. the public is fascinated by criminals

2.2. to be drawn to

2.2.1. people are drawn to a darker side of life

2.3. allure

2.3.1. the quality of being attractive and exciting sexual allure the allure of the big city

2.4. appeal

2.4.1. a quality that makes somebody/something attractive or interesting mass/wide/popular/broad/universal appeal The Beatles have never really lost their appeal. The prospect of living in a city holds little appeal for me.

2.5. attraction

2.5.1. a morbid attraction

2.5.2. to be attracted to

3. exploits

3.1. legendary

3.2. spectacular

4. serial killers

4.1. predators

4.2. infamous

4.2.1. infamy

4.3. notorious = well known for being bad a notorious criminal a location made notorious by battles between local gangs notorious for something/for doing something The country is notorious for its appalling prison conditions. notorious as something The bar has become notorious as a meeting-place for drug dealers.s

4.3.1. notoriety

5. reign of terror

5.1. to ignite

5.1.1. He ignited a public panic of epic proportions

5.2. to intimidate

5.2.1. make people scared

5.3. gruesome

5.3.1. very unpleasant and filling you with horror, usually because it is connected with death or injury

5.4. morbid

5.4.1. a morbid attraction to killers

6. to wound

6.1. he killed 7 people and wounded another 6

6.2. /wuːnd/

7. prison

7.1. life sentence

7.2. to be taken into custody

7.2.1. = to be arrested

7.3. the courtroom

7.4. incarceration

7.5. inmates

8. criminal psychology

8.1. sense of identity and purpose

8.2. to boost one's ego

8.3. fragile and troubled ego

8.4. to relish = to enjoy

8.4.1. he relished his celebrity status

8.5. to take out one's anger and frustration upon sb else

8.6. to resist authority

8.7. violent

8.7.1. violence

8.8. self-proclaimed spiritual awakening/ rebirth

8.9. fragile and disturbed ego