Design Defenders

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Design Defenders by Mind Map: Design Defenders

1. Marketing Strategies

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. Design Defenders Logo

1.1.2. Cover image Inked characters in poses

1.1.3. Share our page using social image sharing

1.1.4. Make posts on each social networking site Twitter Facebook Google + Discuss posting weekly doodles/shorts/team members portfolio work, company work

1.1.5. create social networking accounts Google + Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

1.1.6. Post examples of our work from Collective Portfolio

1.1.7. Continuously watch for typos

1.2. Website

1.2.1. Design Defenders Logo

1.2.2. design layout Discuss mobile

1.2.3. Inked Characters in poses

1.2.4. Check for Typos

1.2.5. Create Collective Portfolio

1.2.6. Buy Domain

1.2.7. Get Custom email addresses at our domain

1.3. Business cards

1.3.1. Inked versions of Characters in poses

1.3.2. Design Defenders Logo

1.3.3. Design for the "cover/logo side"

1.3.4. triple check that there are no typo's

1.3.5. Each person must design their info side of their business card

1.3.6. Have cards printed!

1.4. Personal Networking

1.5. Video Portfolio/intro to who we are video.

1.5.1. Inked Versions of Characters In poses

1.5.2. Design Defenders Logo

1.5.3. create collective portfolio

1.5.4. Post online Youtube Link on Twitter Post to Facebook Share on Google +

1.6. Flyers

1.6.1. Design Defenders Logo

1.6.2. Inked versions of characters in poses

1.6.3. check for typos

1.6.4. Design Layout - comic book style?

2. Jobs

2.1. Leads

2.1.1. MN SOARR

2.2. Current Projects

2.2.1. Robin Hood Poster

3. Business

3.1. Finalize how everyone is paid

3.1.1. discuss in length

3.1.2. write it up

3.1.3. Everyone signs document

3.2. Get accountant?

3.3. Wants/Goals

3.3.1. Office powerhouse desktop computers for the office Conference room/area lounge area for comfortable gaming, decent tv Work Area - desks, chairs Our own artwork and design work on the walls

3.3.2. software upgrades

3.4. Company bank account

3.4.1. Discuss how funds are to be accessed, should all purchases over a certain dollar amount be cleared by accountant, and major purchases be cleared by whole company?

3.4.2. Create bank account discuss who all is signed to the account

3.5. Create Invoice template

3.6. price sheet

3.7. Contract paperwork

3.7.1. discuss

3.8. Purchase LLC