Meeting USC's MAcc Admission Requirement

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Meeting USC's MAcc Admission Requirement by Mind Map: Meeting USC's MAcc Admission Requirement

1. GMAT Score of 707

1.1. Study for the GMAT

1.1.1. buy practice GMAT tests to study

1.1.2. do one section every other day

1.1.3. do a practice test once every two weeks

1.1.4. review areas of weakness

1.1.5. keep track of improvement

1.2. Take the GMAT

1.2.1. take GMAT for at least twice

1.2.2. take the first GMAT at the beginning of Junior year

2. Effective Resume

2.1. Get an internship

2.1.1. research for internship

2.1.2. research about the targeted company

2.1.3. update resume and cover letter according to targeted company

2.1.4. prepare for interviews

2.2. Attend more extra-curricular activities

2.2.1. research for different activities and professional opportunities in school

2.2.2. apply for these opportunities

2.2.3. apply for leadership roles

2.2.4. make sure to be able to manage activities and school at the same time

3. GPA of at least 3.5

3.1. Make plan to study effectively

3.1.1. observe what coursework I found hardest to keep up with

3.1.2. draft studying plan for the coursework

3.1.3. plan ahead for any assignments

4. Personal Statement

4.1. Write personal statement

4.1.1. brainstorm personal statement idea

4.1.2. look up some examples for good personal statement

4.1.3. draft personal statement

4.1.4. ask for advice from professors and advisors

4.1.5. revise personal statement