The world´s largest GARBAGE DUMP.

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The world´s largest GARBAGE DUMP. by Mind Map: The world´s largest GARBAGE DUMP.

1. Pacific Ocean, is an enormous “islan” of floating garbage

2. More tan 3.5 million tonsof debris

3. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is more like a “plastic soup”

4. 80% comes from sources on land and 20% comes from trash thrown out by ships at sea

5. The garbage patch was discoverred in 1997 by an American, Charles Moore

6. In the patch and the Pacific Ocean in general is increasing

7. It has been shown that marine debris can entagle or otherwise harm ocean life.

8. It had been suggested by severak scientists that the garbage patch actually has an active, bealthy ecosystem after one of the floating.

9. Proyecto Kaisei, un proyecto japonés

10. Perhaps convervation organizations shoul focus on changing people´s behavior.