Sounds of speech

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Sounds of speech by Mind Map: Sounds of speech

1. Suprasegmental features

1.1. Intonation

1.2. Stress

1.2.1. Word Stress

1.2.2. Utterance Stress

2. Phonetics

2.1. Phone

2.1.1. Physiological Production of sounds (physilogicaly, anatomicaly and neurologicaly)

2.1.2. Articulatory Production of sounds (vocal tract) Teeth ridge Palate Soft palate (velum) Uvula Teeth Lips Tongue Larynx Nasal cavities Pharynx Vocal cords (glottis) Lungs

2.1.3. Acoustic Transmition of sound waves

2.1.4. Auditory Reception of sounds (ears)

2.1.5. Percepctual Perception of sounds (brain)

2.2. Transcription symbol: [ ]

3. Phonology

3.1. Phoneme

3.1.1. Variations concerning meaning Minimal Pairs

3.1.2. Transcription symbol: / /

4. Phonemes

4.1. Consonants

4.1.1. There is obstruction when releasing the air Voicing Voiced Unvoiced Manner of articulation Plosive Affricate Fricative Nasal Lateral Approximant Place of articulation Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Palato-alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal

4.1.2. Single Short Long

4.2. Vowels

4.2.1. No obstruction in the realease of air Diphthongs Triphthongs Roundness Rounded Unrounded Placement of the tongue Close Mid Open Front Center Back