Murder on the Orient Express

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Murder on the Orient Express by Mind Map: Murder on the Orient Express

1. The victim, Samuel Edward Ratchett

1.1. Have been receiving death threats

1.2. Dies to 12 stab wounds

1.3. True identity is Lanfranco Casseti, kidnapper and murderer of 3-year-old Daisy Armstrong

2. The suspects

2.1. Mary Debenham

2.1.1. Formerly Daisy Armstrong's governess. One of the culprits

2.2. Cyrus B. Hardman

2.2.1. Lover of Susanne, the maid of the Armstrongs' who was falsely accused of assisting Casseti. One of the culprits

2.3. Greta Ohlsson

2.3.1. Formerly Daisy's nurse. One of the culprits

2.4. Antonio Foscarelli

2.4.1. The Armstrongs' former chauffer who loved little Daisy. One of the culprits

2.5. Countess Elena Andrenyi

2.5.1. True name Helena Andrenyi and Sonia Armstrong's sister. Not one of the culprits

2.6. Hildegarde Schmidt

2.6.1. Formerly the Armstrongs' cook. One of the culprits

2.7. Colonel John Arbuthnot

2.7.1. Colonel Armstrong's best friend and Mary Debenham's lover. One of the culprits

2.8. Princess Natalia Dragomiroff

2.8.1. In reality Sonia Armstrong's godmother, claims the monogrammed handkerchief, saying that her forename is Natalia and the "H" is actually a Cyrillic letter "N". One of the culprits

2.9. Count Rudolph Andrenyi

2.9.1. Elena's husband, who smudged her luggage label and obscure her name to conceal her identity. One of the culprits

2.10. Hector Willard MacQueen

2.10.1. MacQueen's father is the prosecutor involved in the Armstrongs' case. He is also an admirer of Sonia Armstrong. One of the culprits

2.11. Caroline Hubbard

2.11.1. Daisy Armstrong's grandmother, and the actor Linda Arden. One of the culprits and the mastermind behind the murder.

2.12. Edward Henry Masterman

2.12.1. He served under Colonel Armstrong, and later became the Armstrongs' valet in New York

2.13. Pierre Michel

2.13.1. Father of Susanne, the maid of the Armstrongs' who was falsely accused of assisting Casseti. One of the culprits.

3. The theory and evidence

3.1. Culprit did not use the window as exit

3.1.1. While the window to Ratchett's room was the only thing open at the time, there were no footprints on the snow outside

3.2. There are at least 2 culprits

3.2.1. After autopsy, Poirot's team found out that the 12 stab wounds show major differences

3.2.2. There is also a handkerchied with the initial "H", a pipe cleaner, a flat match that is different from Ratchett's, and a charred piece of paper that says "Armstrong"

3.3. The murderers' motive was most likely vengeance

3.3.1. Ratchett's true identity is notorious American criminal Lanfranco Casseti

3.3.2. The murder of Daisy Armstrong shocked her mother, Sonia Armstrong, making her prematurely give birth to her second child and die. That second child also dies.

3.3.3. Colonel Armstrong, Sonia Armstrong's husband, shot himself.

3.3.4. Mrs. Armstrong's maid, Susanne, falsely accused of aiding Casseti, jumped to her death from a high window

4. The conclusion

4.1. Poirot brings up 2 solutions

4.1.1. First solution: A stranger boarded the train, killed Ratchett/Casseti, and left through the window and escaped through the snow

4.1.2. Second solution: All the evidence was planted except the handkerchief and the pipe cleaner was planted and Michel and all the passengers except Elena/Helena each stabbed Ratchett/Casseti once, acting as their own jury

4.2. Arden admits the second solution was correct, but offers to take responsibility since she was the mastermind

4.3. Poirot decides to let Bouc and Dr. Constantine choose the solution. They chose the first one to avoid scandal and relayed it to the Yugoslavian police, ending the case