Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology by Mind Map: Cultural Anthropology

1. Culture

1.1. "He claimed that cultures arise from different causes, not uniform processes" (Boas, Pg 43)

1.2. Culture are ideas, traditions, and knowledge shared amongst each other to create what we call culture. How we react and behave to things, why we behave that way.

2. Language

2.1. "As much as 90 percent of emotional information is communicated through body movements and paralanguage" (Cultural text, pg 100)

2.2. Languages comes in many forms and way. One thing can be okay to one country can be rude to another. Body language also show people the way we may speak.

3. Gender

3.1. "Martin warns that by reading stereotypical feminine and masculine behavior into our accounts of eggs and sperm, we enshrine these gender roles in nature—we make them seem natural" (Martin, Pg 194)

3.2. More than most cultures and country are lead to believe that there are only two sexes, male and female, but there have been proof of alternate sexes

4. Anthropology Global Age

4.1. "In fact, genetic studies reveal that humans share 97.7 percent of DNA with gorillas and 98.7 percent with chimpanzee" (Cultural text, Pg 13)

4.2. The human race evolved and transformed from chimpanzees, making us human share the most DNA with them. Making the way we speak and learn how to speak are the same.