The European Union

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The European Union by Mind Map: The European Union

1. Politic ones

1.1. safeguarding peace, a high standard of living, justice, languages ​​and cultures

2. What is it?

2.1. The European Union is a sovranational entity made up by 27 countries, after brexit

2.1.1. Brexit is the withdrawal of the UK from UE

3. Purposes

4. Economic ones

4.1. Sustainable Development

4.2. environmental protection

4.3. No barriers between countries: civilians, money and work can liberally flow in the Shengen Area

5. Currently 19 out of 27 European Union countries use the same coin, called "Euro". the nineteen countries which adopt the Euro as coin compose the UEM

6. At first, only six european countries started to cooperatre to initialize the community project.

6.1. Afterwards, even other european countries have joined to the UE

7. The UE has determined the constraints to join in UE

7.1. Align internal laws with the european ones

7.2. prosecuting the european values

8. In order to communicate the important informations to every european, UE makes documents in all the languages which are spoken in the european territory

9. The flag of the European Union

10. The european anthem

11. European entities

11.1. European Commission

11.2. European Parliament

11.3. Council of the European Union

11.4. Court of Justice of the European Union

11.5. Court of Auditors

12. In 2007, UE won the Nobel Peace Prize