Working with a coursebook

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Working with a coursebook by Mind Map: Working with a coursebook

1. Ways for using a coursebook

1.1. Experience and training

1.1.1. More experience and training usually mean les dependence on the book

1.2. Workload

1.2.1. Teachers with a heavy Schedule and a variety of levels tend to depend on the book more than those with a light schedule

1.3. Institutional policy

1.3.1. Teachers tend to use a book more when superviors insist on it and tests are closely base don it

1.4. The quality of the coursebook

1.4.1. Teachers naturally tend to use a book they like more than one they do not

1.5. Three common ways teachers actually use coursebooks

1.5.1. As the course The coursebook provides the course syllabus, virtualy all the teaching-learning material and activities, and their secuence, and it determines the methodology

1.5.2. As the syllabus and main source of material The coursebooks provides the syllabus and many teaching-learning activities, and it influences the methodology

1.5.3. As one small element in the course The other elements may be provided by the institution, for example, supplementary books or materials, videos, special classroom activities, tests

2. What coursebooks can offer

2.1. The syllabus

2.1.1. The coursebook syllabus may even indicate how much time to spend on each unit

2.2. Language presentation material

2.2.1. May include visuals, printed models of language, and recorded models on audio-cassette or even video-cassette, Language practice material Usually includes both oral and write activites

2.3. Skills development material

2.3.1. Addresses the major objective of English teaching: enabling the learners to use the English language for real communication outside the classroom

2.4. A sequence work

2.4.1. Presentation of new language of ítems, then skills development in the secuence followed by units in most coursebooks

2.5. Recycling and review of language

2.5.1. This may be done largely by means of skills work, where old language can be combined naturally with new

2.6. Additional material

2.6.1. Pronunciation material, Grammar summaries, Teacher’s notes, Supplementary material, Tests.

3. Preparing to use a new coursebook

3.1. You should learn you way around it

3.1.1. The syllabus : Objetives, content, sequence, lesson or unit divisions

3.1.2. The layout Typical organization of each lesson of unit

3.1.3. The proposed methodology and procedures Suggested use of the coursebook as indicated by the types of activity, instructions, and the Teacher’s Book

3.1.4. The supplementary material Audio-cassettes, workbook

4. Choosing a coursebook

4.1. Is right for your institution?

4.1.1. Compatibility with the oficial syllabus

4.1.2. Compatibility with your Institution English teaching objetives and general curriculum

4.2. Does it suit your experience and the way of teach?

4.2.1. Leve lof experience and training

4.2.2. Your proficiency in English

4.2.3. Cultural and personal factors

4.3. Is right four your learners?

4.3.1. Age, education, gender, interests and needs

4.4. Is right as a coursebook?

4.4.1. The materials and activities for presentation practice skills review