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How do we create engaging and effective learning content? by Mind Map: How do we create engaging and effective learning content?
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How do we create engaging and effective learning content?

This mindmap will form the basis for facilitated discussions at the eLearning Network conference on 'Creating Engaging and Effective Content' on 8 May, London UK. Follow the link for more info. Feel free to add to it even if you won't be attending the conference.



Plain English

Content must be easy to understand

Well structured

Or should we challenge learners - why should we spoon-feed them?

In a style of language the learner speaks

Meaningful and memorable

Learner has to work with each new idea through practice exercises, cases, sims, etc.

Reduce barriers - eg accessibility good practice

Text, graphics, audio and other media should be used appropriately

The Six Principles of Effective eLearning by Richard Mayer / Ruth Clark

Content accessibility and flexibility is critical

Which e-learning theories are worth their salt?


Andragogy - yes

Constructivism - yes

Behaviourism - maybe not

Cognitivism - maybe not

more useful to look at models of learning not overall schools of thought

None of them?

Who are the leading thinkers on this?

Michael Allen

What books would people recommend?

Patrick Dunn - speaker at the event

Cathy Moore - Dump the Drone

The 60 - minute masters - Clive Shepherd

Ruth Clark

Neil Lasher

Nick Shackelton-Jones

The use of emotion and storytelling



Buchs, Quellenweg 21


2.5 Zi

Study times/Run times

(AMcN) Learner's contributing to content creation

What part can social media play?

Means of delivery?


Peer-to-peer interaction

Controlled chaos

Evolving technology


Clarity of use in e-l strategy

Cascading use of

in controlled environment

not a learning tool


Informal learning

Reinforcing and supporting learning

Serious games

Generation Y

Gaming culture

Immersive 3D


Finding the right use


Cultural shift

Need good underlying learninig

Risk of interface as a barrier


if you are going to shoot at least have blood

don't learn to play the game

Distracting from the learning


AMcN What tools are affordable, available and easy to use?




the use of media and interactivity