Statement of Cash Flow

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Statement of Cash Flow by Mind Map: Statement of Cash Flow

1. Cash Flow from Financing Activities

1.1. Dividends Paid

1.2. Share Issuance / Repurchase

1.3. Debt Issued / Paid

1.4. Other Financing Activities

2. Cash Flows from Inversting Activities

2.1. Capital Expenditures

2.2. Acquisitions

2.3. Change in Investments

2.4. Other Investing Activities

3. Cash Flows from Operating Activities

3.1. Depreciation & Amortization

3.2. Share-Based Compensation

3.3. Other Operating Activities

4. Net Cash Flow

4.1. Free Cash Flow

4.2. Free Cash Flow Growth

4.3. Free Cash Flow Margin

4.4. Free Cash Flow Per Share

5. Net Income