Instructivism learning theory (EPIC)

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Instructivism learning theory (EPIC) by Mind Map: Instructivism learning theory  (EPIC)

1. Didactic Learning approach

1.1. 20th century learning

1.1.1. Teachers provides information, while students absorb information Students sit at their tables

2. Direct Instructional approach

2.1. Instructor telling participants what to do

2.1.1. students receiving information

3. Explicit Teaching

3.1. Showing students how things are or how to complete them

4. Teacher led

4.1. Teacher takes control of the whole lesson

5. Students passive in knowledge

5.1. Students are absorbing knowledge given to them by the teacher

6. E-learning on PowerPoint Presentations

7. Example of Instructivist learning theory in action at East Preston

7.1. Teacher shows powerpoint to the class to write down information

7.1.1. Teacher explaining what the information is talking about to the students Teacher is asking question to students about the information on the PowerPoint After the powerpoint, teacher instructs students to do questions in the exercise book regarding the powerpoint they went through