Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues by Mind Map: Environmental Issues

1. Air Pollution

1.1. How it affects us?

1.1.1. Effects on humans and animals

1.1.2. Effects on plants

1.2. Controlling air pollution

1.2.1. Electrostatic precipitator

1.2.2. Air (Prevention and control of pollution) act

1.2.3. Case study on controlling vehicular air pollution in Delhi

1.2.4. Mass emission standards in India

2. Water Pollution

2.1. How it affects us?

2.1.1. Domestic sewage and industrial effluents

2.1.2. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

2.1.3. Algal bloom

2.1.4. Biomagnification

2.1.5. Eutrophication

2.2. Controlling water pollution

2.2.1. Case study of integrated water treatment

3. Degradation by Improper Resource Utilization and Maintenance

3.1. Soil erosion

3.2. Desertification

3.3. Water logging

3.4. Soil salinity

4. Deforestation

4.1. Control of deforestation

4.1.1. Slash and burn agriculture (Jhum culture)

4.1.2. Reforestation

4.1.3. Case study of people's participation in conservation of forests Amrita Devi Bishnoi wildlife protection award Chipko movement Joint Forest Management (JFM)

5. Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

5.1. Greenhouse gases

5.2. Global warming

6. Ozone Depletion

6.1. How it affects us?

6.1.1. Ozone holes

6.1.2. Snow blindness

6.2. Control of ozone depletion

6.2.1. Montreal protocol

7. Other Wastes

7.1. Solid wastes

7.1.1. Sanitary landfills

7.1.2. Electronic wastes (E-wastes)

7.1.3. Case study of remedy for plastic waste

7.2. Radioactive

7.3. Agrochemicals and their effects

7.3.1. Case study of organic farming

8. Noise pollution