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Hip Hop by Mind Map: Hip Hop

1. Today, Auto-tune which is Audio Technology that using by almost Hip hop Artists to make the song more catchy and perfect

1.1. T Pain is the Pioneer Of Auto-Tune user in Hip hop

2. History

2.1. It is Black Culture and Original come from: African Americans, Latino Americans, Caribbean Americans in Bronx New York City.

2.2. First start in 1970s and flourished in ghetto areas at this time.

2.3. In 90 century, Hip hop still represent for the street which about gang, poverty, crime or violence.

2.4. People using Hip hop as a voice to speak out the social injustice.

3. Important Artist of Hip hop

3.1. In the past

3.1.1. Holy Trinity of Hip Hop (Old School - early 1970s) Africa Ambaattaa Grandmaster Flash Dj Kool Herc

3.1.2. New School Of Hip Hop (mid 1980s) Snoop Dogg Sean "Diddy" Combs Fresh Prince aka Will Smith

3.2. Nowadays

3.2.1. Hip hop in 21s Century Dr.Dre Jay Z Kayne West Timbaland

3.2.2. Currently top Hip hop artists Drake with over 170 million records sold Pop Smoke who peak at rank 6 of Billboard 100 Travis Scott who has been nominated for 8 Grammy Awards and won Billboard Music Award

4. Sub-Genres of Hip hop

4.1. Boom-bap

4.2. Melodic Rap

4.3. Trap

4.4. Alternative Rap

5. Elements Of Hip hop Culture

5.1. Djling - The artists handle of beat and music

5.2. MCing or Rapping - using poet to do a lyrical

5.3. Breaking - Hip hop dance form

5.4. Graffiti Painting

5.5. Beatboxing

6. Common Instruments used in Hip hop

6.1. Drum, synth, guitar for bass and disco tune

7. The most popular song of Hip hop (Iconic Song)

7.1. Drake - God's Plan ( 1.2B views on YouTube)

7.2. Eminem - Rap God ( 1.1B views on YouTube)

7.3. 50 Cent - In da Club ( 1.1B views on YouTube)

7.4. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild and Free ( 615M views on YouTube)

8. Things Influenced Hip hop

8.1. Hip hop was influenced by Disco Music

8.2. Dj plays an Important role on hip hop that create the beat and mix the track

8.3. Rap is poetry