3 advantages of studying abroad

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3 advantages of studying abroad by Mind Map: 3 advantages of studying abroad

1. broaden your mind and knowledge

1.1. because they have access to different cultures and different ways of education

1.1.1. As a result they will have more experience and learn new things where they live

2. become more independent and confident

2.1. Studying abroad means living alone and no one tell them what to do next, so they must be confident and independent to choose between many things in their life

2.1.1. This helps them become mature and have the right choices for things they need

3. Practice your language skills

3.1. The reason is they usually have to communicate with foreigners from different parts of the world everyday

3.1.1. For instance when going to outside or talking to someone, they have to speak the language in which they live to know what the other person is saying. This allows them to speak fluently and have a certificate to develop themselves