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Workshop 2.0 by Mind Map: Workshop 2.0
5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

Workshop 2.0


Techer decides on grading strategy

Teacher uploads sample work and grades it

Students submit their work

Teachers assess students' submissions

Students can perform self-assessment

Peers assess submissions of others

Final grade for each student is calculated from

students grade sample work and get feedback

Pedagogical use cases

Simple assignment with advanced grading strategy

Presentations and performance

Peer Assessment gives opportunity to

Activity focused on work quality

Backward compatibility issues

Phase "Allow both students submissions and assessments" not supported anymore

Project goal

Have the Workshop module in Moodle 2.0



File API

Portfolio API



Workshop phases

Outcomes integration?

Project schedule and milestones

Milestone 1 (30/04/2009)

Milestone 2 (31/05/2009)

Milestone 3 (30/06/2009)

Milestone 4 (31/07/2009)