Be A Free Range Human Summary

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Be A Free Range Human Summary by Mind Map: Be A Free Range Human Summary

1. 1-Sentence-Summary:

1.1. Be A Free Range Human inspires you to finally quit that 9-5 job that is sucking the life out of you and begin working for yourself by explaining why the “job security” doesn’t exist anymore, helping you discover your passions, and identifying the steps you need to follow if you want to start a life of freedom and happiness.

2. Favorite quote from the author:

2.1. "The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work." - Marianne Cantwell

3. 3 lessons:

3.1. Doing work you love is a prerequisite to success, and you’ll discover your passion by asking yourself the right questions.

3.1.1. Sadly, we focus more on paying the bills than living our dreams.

3.1.2. The idea that doing what you love and making a living with it isn’t popular, but it’s 100% possible.

3.1.3. Once you find your passions and work within them, you’ll finally be happy, productive, and successful.

3.1.4. But getting there is another thing. Your mind tries to get you to think logically anytime you want to dream, and it’s hard to break free of that. To fix that, try journaling about two ideas: What were you doing the last time you felt full of energy? If you found a magic lamp and a genie told you that you had a year without work but with full pay, what would you do with it? Just write freely without editing or thinking limiting thoughts and you’ll be well on your way to a successful life that you love!

3.2. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, but look to what you’re bad at to help you find what you’re best at.

3.2.1. You’ve been sold a lie your whole life that you should improve in all areas to be well-rounded. That’s completely wrong! And once you figure this out, you’re going to feel freer than ever before. You’ll also set yourself up for success because nobody is going to have the life they want by believing they’re just average. Which is just what this mentality does to people.

3.2.2. When you got your grades in school, your parents and teachers were only talking about what you did worst in But they should have been telling you to double down on the ones you were getting A’s in!

3.2.3. You’ve got to find your superpower, but how do you do it? Ironically, what people say are your weaknesses is a good place to start.

3.2.4. The author had a job once where she was always being reprimanded for trying to improve how the company did things.

3.2.5. What was a weakness in that job was actually a strength when she became a consultant. Helping clients required her to look at what wasn’t going well and finding ways to improve them!

3.3. You don’t have to have a complicated business proposal and a lot of money to begin, just try something within these four categories.

3.3.1. You don’t need startup capital or a business plan to begin. But you do need to pick the right model.

3.3.2. Don’t go for a brick-and-mortar store like a cafe or bookshop. They take too much time and money.

3.3.3. Instead, focus on building around these four models to succeed: Services Services, like writing and web design, are great because you can start right away. The downside is that they are time-bound, so you only earn based on the hours you work. Virtual Products Virtual products, such as ebooks and courses, are nice because there’s no limit to earnings. But you do need to know a lot about your market and advertise well to get it right. Physical Products Physical products are another option that might be good if that’s your passion. These can be heavily time and resource-dependent, however. Advertising Advertising just means putting ads on a YouTube channel or blog. This is a good way to supplement your income easily.

4. Who would I recommend the Be A Free Range Human summary to?

4.1. The 32-year-old who just got let go from his job and is sick of working hard to make somebody else rich, the 51-year-old that wants to become an entrepreneur but isn’t sure where to begin, and anyone that wants the facts about working for yourself and the inspiration to finally pull the trigger and do it.