LEAN Capability Assessment Survey

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LEAN Capability Assessment Survey by Mind Map: LEAN Capability Assessment Survey

1. purpose

1.1. understand lean capability at organizational level - setup CS and FS

1.2. understand company lean maturity level

1.3. verify the effectiveness of our lean strategy and road map

2. who

2.1. everyone in the origanization

2.2. CI team should be a bit different?

3. what do we want to know

3.1. people capability

3.2. culture

3.3. thinking

3.4. reflection on the environment/culture

3.5. people's reflect on LEAN team or CI

4. what to measure

4.1. people

4.2. process?

4.3. culture

5. how should we read the survey

5.1. understand what people think themselves

5.2. understand people's respond to the environment - CI team, within team (manager & direct reports),others

5.3. understand detail of function, job level, location etc

6. what is the action we're likely to take from the survey results

6.1. verify our lean strategy & road map, check and act

7. how often

7.1. once a year or twice a year

7.2. CI team can be once a quarter?

8. what does a successful survey look like

8.1. tell us what we want

8.2. align or map to our lean strategy, vision

8.3. 3-5min to complete the survey

8.4. HAA engagement survey can be a good reference

9. barriers of a effective survey

9.1. taking too long to complete a survey

9.2. similar questions

9.3. bring personal to public

10. brain storming on the questions

10.1. how often do we go to the gemba and talk about the facts

10.2. how often are we doing problem solving vs effectiveness

10.3. how often can we see the abnormality

10.4. how often do we respect people and find problems in the problem?

10.5. how often do we have the on job coaching from the managers

10.6. how often do we give people on job coaching

10.7. how often do we use the standard format to share learnings

10.8. how often do we focus on waste reduction

10.9. from all the process that we're working with, what's the percentage of them that we have a standard that's repeatable and allow for improvement

10.10. how often do we have the LEAN training, likely to attend, think of their gap on the lean

10.11. how often do I practice LEAN in the real time projects

10.12. how often do we see people around us are doing problem solving