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Tecnology by Mind Map: Tecnology

1. Bad sides

1.1. body shaming

1.2. unnecessary comments

1.3. expose ourselves too much

1.4. harassment

1.5. receive inappropriate photos from people we don't know

1.6. be judged by what we are and what we like

1.7. make memes with our insecurities

1.8. people make us feel bad about ourselves

1.9. people make us feel insufficient

1.10. homophobic and racist comments

1.11. be bullying because of our sexual preference

2. Tecnology

2.1. Entertainement

2.1.1. play games with friends

2.1.2. share photos of us

2.1.3. listen to music or watch videos on youtube

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. meet new people

2.2.2. chat with family or friends from afar

2.3. Information

2.3.1. post important things to inform others about it

2.3.2. try to get people to support all communities

2.3.3. know the subjects that go on in the news

2.3.4. to know all the jobs we have at school