Know Your Neighbour

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Know Your Neighbour by Mind Map: Know Your Neighbour

1. Why do we need it?

1.1. High crime rates in urban areas 6.43 million crimes reported in 2019/2020

1.2. Improve the quality of life of people

1.3. Protect vulnerable people, and those less able to defend themselves from re-offenders/PTSD etc.

2. Who will be using it?

2.1. Students

2.2. Parents

2.3. Potentially Vulnarable people

2.4. Real estate agents

2.5. Police enforcement

2.6. Insurance companies

2.7. Care homes

2.8. Recruiters for companies

3. What is it?

3.1. An app that notifies users the potentially suspicious individual in their area and how can they avoid them.

4. How it works?

4.1. Presents a phone notification to the user when the app is activated and there's a potentially suspicious person within their area.

4.2. Map function which will use GPS to search certain locations to list the criminals in the area

5. What should it look like?

5.1. Looks modern

5.2. Looks usable by all ages

5.3. consistent fonts and images used (e.g. stylesheets, style guides)

6. Are there any alternatives/competitions?

6.1. Government Website with their database of criminals that are open to the public

6.2. Neighbourhood watch - crime map

7. Where will it be implemented?

7.1. United Kingdom

7.2. Urban locations - including Towns, cities

7.3. Areas with high crime rates.

7.4. Areas with vulnerable populations including elderly, children etc

8. Any potential Dangers when using the app?

8.1. Result in discrimination against those who comitted minor petty crimes

8.2. Cause paranoia for those who use it all the time to check

8.3. Criminals who are listed on the application, could affect their mental state

8.4. Safety for those who are listed on the application can be easily targeted by those who do not agree with the crime they have committed

9. Any potential ethical issues regarding the app?

9.1. People with criminal records are permanently monitored

9.2. May negatively effects ex-convicts who are trying to better themselves

9.3. May urge repeat offences due to the stress created by the app labeling them

9.4. Problems regarding individuals actively searching for people with criminal records

9.5. smaller businesses looking to hire, can use the app to discriminate against previous-offenders, rather than carrying out DBS checks

10. What functions will the app have?

10.1. Map function to search the area

10.2. Settings to adjust notification settings

10.3. Filter function to choose what type of offence, e.g. burglary

10.4. Share function

10.5. Shows how many people have reoffended

11. What are the inspirations for making the app?

11.1. The frequent attacks on women and minority groups, and the rise in news coverage

11.2. lack of safety amongst vulnerable groups, who don't have knowledge on who's in their area