The FCE Listening part 4

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The FCE Listening part 4 by Mind Map: The FCE Listening part 4

1. General description

1.1. In this activity, you must listen to the speakers' conversation for 3 minutes.

2. Number and type of questions

2.1. There’re seven questions that you have to answer by choosing one of the options A, B or C. You will hear the recording twice.

3. Marks

3.1. You’re given one mark for each correct answer.

4. Useful tips

4.1. 1.Start reading and listening to the instructions with all your attention

4.2. 2. Make good use of the pause before the recording starts

4.3. 3.Take into consideration that it is a conversation.

4.4. 4.You might hear all the key words mentioned in the questions and answers

5. Silvia Lituma #12

6. Camila Pesántez # 20