FCE Listening part 4 using

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FCE Listening part 4 using by Mind Map: FCE Listening part 4 using

1. -General description of the task

1.1. - You have to listen a coversation or an interview

1.2. - Each question has three items A, B or C.

1.3. - You will be able to listen it twice.

2. -Number and type of questions

2.1. - Each audio has seven questions.

2.2. - You have to choose the best answer; A, B or C.

2.3. - All questions are multiple choice.

3. -Marks

3.1. -The pass mark for this exam is 60%

3.2. -You are given one mark for each correct answer.

4. -Useful tips

4.1. -Reading and listening to the instructions

4.2. - You need to understand the subject of the conversation

4.3. - Underline key words.

4.4. -You must understand up to what degree each idea in the answer refers to the question.