FCE Listening Part 4

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FCE Listening Part 4 by Mind Map: FCE Listening Part 4


1.1. The exam have one mark per questions, in general are seven marks.

2. Useful tips

2.1. •First of all, when you reading the questions be carefully. •Try to understand the subject of a conversation and get immediately involved in the process of listening. •Take advantage of the break. •Take into consideration that it is a conversation. Hear the questions and answers and focus on what a person explains concerning feelings, not his actions, for example. •You might hear all the key words mentioned in the questions and answers. You must understand up to what degree each idea in the answer refers to the question.

3. What it is?

3.1. In this part, you listen to a monologue or text involving interacting speakers and lasting approximately 3 minutes.

4. Number and type of questions

4.1. There are seven multiple-choice questions. You should listen to the audio twice.